Wildstar WOW Gold Sales Guide from the junjiange.com

Release steam ahead for WildStar new security methods

We already know that WildStar steam coming for some time, but until today, we never know the exact date. Prior to changing market steam was quickly reversed, listing June 1 as the first of a potential release date, but today… Continue Reading →

Frankfurt’s main upcoming DOTA 2 in November

Archbishop Alonsus Faol awaited him at the altar. The archbishop reminded Arthas more of Greatfather Winter than of any of the rulers he had hitherto met. Short and stout, with a long flowing snow- white beard and bright eyes, even… Continue Reading →

Team Fortress 2 Halloween this year’s event is that all people are in a

Halloween has come to mean two things: Step rotten children’s teeth and fall color candy, and Team Fortress 2 in each of the past six years, the valve has withdrawn all or most of its Shindig throws a weird now… Continue Reading →


Aeria Games company said a total of four players to have come from when they take the monster hunter hunting world Dragomon choice. There will be a free to play MMORPG scout class, a class of mercenaries, Master Class, and… Continue Reading →

Skyforge teasing hostile territory

From the shadows of his reading alcove, Iskar watched Viryx fly away. He had been following her ever since her release from isolation. The high sage had not forbidden him from speaking with her. Iskar simply chose not to. He… Continue Reading →

Learning to love ‘Guild Wars 2′ as an MMO newcomer

That is, unless you count my time in sixth grade spent hopping onto a friend’s World of Warcraft account for a few trial sessions. Perhaps fortunately, my burgeoning addiction to that title was harshly counteracted by the daunting $15-a-month paywall…. Continue Reading →

Warframe Tubemen of Regor Update Video

Digital Extremes’ Warframe continues to grow with another exciting update for PC players. Expanding the ever-evolving Warframe Solar System once again, the new Update – Tubemen of Regor -offers PC players a wealth of new gameplay, weapons, customizations and more…. Continue Reading →

Join World of Warcraft player “Doubleagent” as he dings level 100 as a neutral Pandaren

Somewhere, in the lands of Azeroth, a neutral Pandaren is on the cusp of hitting a world first milestone. World of Warcraft player, Doubleagent, is a mere couple days away from hitting level 100 on his factionless Pandaren character; achieved… Continue Reading →

World of Warcraft’s three million missing players will come back, says lead game designer

World of Warcraft’s subscriber base has taken a thoroughly reported hit over the past couple months, having spiked around the release of the most recent Warlords of Draenor expansion before falling again sharply. In the space of a month, over… Continue Reading →


I remember a time when this was easy: jumping into a new MMO, meeting random people questing or selling goods, partying up for quests or dungeon runs. Then, writing their names down when the company was particularly enjoyable or adding… Continue Reading →